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Well, to be sure, arranging and putting together weddings in Hawaii is not in our 'wheelhouse'. That is way to intricate for us and we gladly leave all that to the true professionals. The one thing however that is within our wheelhouse are the tours that most wedding parties will either want to organize for their wedding group as a whole, or tours that the individuals within the group may want to do on their own while they are in Hawaii.

Perhaps you think it would be a great idea to organize a sunset sail the day after your final rehearsal. Maybe you'd all like to take over one wing of a luau as part of your celebration?. Over the years we have had numerous 'large group' requests for such events and we can make them happen for you. Just let us know the size of your group, what your idea is, the timing you would like it to be and (if you give us enough time) we can probably make something very beautiful happen for you, and probably at a fantastic price as well.

Over and above that, all the members of your wedding party will likely be coming to Hawaii from all over the country and the world.  For them, in addition to being at this special occasion with you, they are looking forward to being on vacation as well. They also will want to do individual tours that are unrelated to the wedding group in general.  Or, the tours they put together could be partially related to the group as a whole as when the best man and a few of your mutual friends want to take advantage of the great sport fishing in Hawaii and hire a boat together.

We easily can operate as the focal point for all the activity needs of your wedding party whether as a group or separately. In this way we can keep the spirit of the community between you all together and the shared experiences could then be shared with other members of the group as well.

OK its a wedding. Let's have some fun!

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Pulling off the perfect wedding, at the perfect location with all the perfect amenities is, as you're probably aware, a time consuming and detail specific endeavor and somewhat out of our sphere of expertise.

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