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One of the most successful productions ever to be put together in Hawaii is the magic show called Warren & Annabelle's located on Front Street in Lahaina. The owner, founder, and showman extraordinaire of this remarkably fun evening brimming with entertainment is Warren Gibson. Warren has been involved in magic shows of one kind or another for his whole life, and prior to arriving on Maui performed in Los Angeles at different venues including Arnold Schwarzenegger's Restaurant, Schatzi's on Main and the magic venue, Wizardz, formerly at Universal City Walk. He defied all odds in bringing a parlor magic show like this to Lahaina, and today it is almost completely sold out every night. It is extremely rare to be able to get a ticket for this performance even a couple days in advance. During high season it is even harder to get a reservation. The reason for this is simply that the word is out, and it is unbelievably "fun." During one of these performances you literally forget about everything else in your life as you are enraptured with the event. You will have a smile on your face from the moment you walk in to the moment the show is over. Every show is different and participants are taken from the audience at great delight to everyone in attendance. This is not a show for children as they serve alcohol and you have to be twenty-one to attend.

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