Theater and Show on Oahu with Magic of Polynesia

One of the favorite shows to have appeared in Waikiki over all its years is the Magic of Polynesia. This is all due to the incredible 'illusion' work done by the shows originator and its 'star', John Hirokawa. John originally trained many years ago with David Copperfield and his amazing feats of illusion certainly rival those of his mentor. Each new illusion outdoes the previous one and by the time he gets to the point in the show where he makes a full size helicopter appear on stage out of thin air you're ready to believe anything. This show is truly amazing and will be a highlight experience for you while visiting Oahu and your pre-performance dinner and cocktails will be an excellent prelude to the show to follow.

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Seeing the 'Magic of Polynesia' illusionist show in Waikiki will make you believe that Houdini has returned from the dead and reincarnated himself in Waikiki just for this performance.

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