Surfing on Maui or Kauai?


I was hoping to get some information on surfing in Kauai and Maui. My skill level would be somewhere between advanced beginner and early intermediate. I have only surfed on the westcoast of British Columbia, Canada in the Tofino area on mostly shore and beach break for the passed year and a half. I am thinking about taking a trip in late November/early December and will be visiting 2 islands over the course of 2+ weeks. I will be arriving in Maui for the first potion of my trip and hope to go over to Kauai for the second half of my trip. I am just curious for someone of my skill level and where I have surfed will there be good opportunities for surfing for me on both island? I imagine the south shore will be pretty much shut down by then with quite a bit of action on the North and West shores? I am in search of breaks that would be well suited to my level of experience; nothing too dangerous or extreme. Would Maui and Kauai be a good choice for me this time of year?



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In response to your questions each island, while the same general rules apply as far as the overall swell being bigger on the northern sides of each island during the winter months, each island is different regarding the western shorelines. On Maui the north and west breaks are quite large at times, with the conditions changing throughout the days. There are only certain places the the surfing companies have permits to teach, northshore is not one of them..only on the west and south sides does Maui County issue permits for. One of the things I'm going to recommend and send over a quote for is a surfari.. An individualized tour of several surf spots depending on the conditions, which will give you a lot more places to access.

Most of Kauais' surf schools operate along the south shore, but there's one on the northshore who is the company I'm going to recommend and send details for. Even he cancels sometimes during the winter as the swells get way too high for anything but experts. The west side of Kauai is virtually inaccessible from Waimea north all the way around to NaPali Coastline. Most people do surf the south side during the winter on Kauai because it is notorious for extreme conditions.

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I love surfing on Kauai, the sandbars are so good. You gotta watch out for the currents though, they are some of the strongest there are in the state and if you don't pay attention they can easily pull you out to sea.