Surfing Lessons on Oahu with Kailua Sailboards Kayaks

The biggest trend in surfing over the past couple of years has been 'stand-up paddling' and lessons regarding this sport are a major portion of the instructions that are given at Kailua Sail Boards. Stand-up paddling has become so popular because it does not necessarily need waves to be able to participate in it. Flat water is just fine and this then opens the sport up to thousands of people who live on lakes, bays, marinas, or streams and rivers that are calm in comparison to a surf break. The skills you develop in these lessons, and the excitement for the sport, can be easily transferred into reproducing the experience back home. Stand-up paddling has also become so popular because it provides such great exercise and really works your 'core muscles' for a great work out. Traditional surfing lessons are of course also taught by Kailua Sail Boards.

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Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks is located on the windward side of Oahu about an half-hour drive from Waikiki. They provide a variety of kayak tours which are either guided or self-guided and they have an interesting kayak/boogie board option as well.

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