Surfing Lessons on Maui with South Pacific Kayaks

One of the oldest water sports companies on the island is South Pacific Kayaks. As evidenced by the name, the company deals a lot in offering kayak tours on the island. For years now, South Pacific Kayaks also offers surfing lessons as well. These lessons can occur in the Kihei area at Kalama Park, and are also offered on the West Side at a popular surfing area the locals call "thousand peaks." The instructors here are very experienced and provide you with some of the best instruction you will find on the island. These lessons can be group lessons, private lessons, or semi-private.

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One of the oldest and most seasoned of the Maui kayak touring companies is South Pacific Kayaks. Their list of kayak tour options is larger than most as they extend from Makena and La Perouse Bay on the south side to Honolua Bay on the north-west end of Maui and they even offer whale watch tours from kayaks.

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