Surfing Lessons on Maui with Opelu Surf School

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The name Opelu Surf School is derived from the name of its founder and operator Opelu Keahi. Opelu has been surfing for most of his life, is well recognized among professional surfers and has surfed with friends and surf legends such as Rabbit Kekai and Clyde Aikau. It is one thing to be taught to surf by a surf instructor but quite another thing to be taught by someone who has been on the professional surfing circuit. Opelu has been able to bring his style of teaching to the instructors he has hired so no matter if your get your lesson from Opelu himself or one of is self appointed instructors you will be getting the best instruction available. Many of the choices offered by Opelu involve the use of private instructions which is a key in obtaining the very best results so you may want to follow suit and sign up for either the semi-private or private classes.

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