Surfing Lessons on Maui with Maui WaveRiders

One company on Maui that exclusively teaches surfing lessons and has been doing so for many years is Maui Wave Riders. This company has locations on both sides of the island so wherever you are you will be close to them and their lessons. When looking for surf that is suitable for beginners it is important to make sure the wave is well formed for the purpose, is not too large and is consistent enough to provide good surf on a daily basis. Maui Wave Riders has two locations that generally fill the bill, one out of Lahaina at the "break wall" and a second in the area in central Kihei called Kihei Cove. If the waves are not appropriate in these areas they will look for alternate locations. The staff of Maui Wave Riders is experienced and will provide you with the best surf lessons available. They also offer Stand-Up Paddle Boarding if you have an interest in that as well.

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