Surfing Lessons on Maui with Action Sports Surf

Action Sports Maui provides all types of water sport lessons and one of the most popular is lessons for wave surfing. This is easily the most popular of all the water sports and one of the easiest to acquire a skill for. Action Sports Maui take its students out to a location in Kihei at Kalama Park to teach these skills. This is a location that usually has excellent surf conditions for beginners with waves that are just the right height and also consistent. Much of the first part of the lesson will occur on the dry land practicing the skills on your board that you will be applying once you get in the water. The second part of the lesson will involve actually getting into the water with your instructor and getting up on the waves. Most clients are successful on their first outing.

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The arts of surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and stand-up paddling are all taught at Action Sports Maui, which is by all measure the most extensive and complete extreme water sports company on the island of Maui.

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