Sunset Sails and Cruises on Oahu with Star of Honolulu

If you're looking to have a sunset cruise experience on a large scale, the Star of Honolulu is for you. The Star of Honolulu is unquestionably the largest tour boat in Hawaii. It comes with four decks, is 232' long, and can accommodate up to 1,500 passengers. You just know that a sunset cruise on a boat this large with this many people is going to be a "big party". Actually the boat is divided up into different types of dinner and cocktail selections by deck. The five star dinners are served on the top deck, and subsequent decks have lesser priced dinners. However, regardless of what deck you find yourself on, you will have beautiful views of the Waikiki coastline and Diamond Head.

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The 232' Star of Honolulu is the largest dinner cruise boat in Hawaii, has four levels and seats as many as 1500 people. Choose a dinner and show package from the 4 tiers of dinner options; Luxury 7-course, Deluxe 5-course, Casual 3-course or the Buffet dinner, all at varying prices.

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