Sunset Sails and Cruises on Oahu with Navatek I

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The futuristic design of the Navatek will dazzle you almost as much as the sunset on this spectacular sunset cruise offered by Navatek Cruises. The Navatek is a boat designed in a new technology which is referred to as SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull design). There are two hulls that are filled and drained of water via a computer system that operates continuously. The net effect of this special technology is that the boat is almost unaffected by the wave and water conditions outside the vessel. The ride is the smoothest ride possible as the boat negates the wave action of the ocean and keeps the vessel smoothly on its path. There is a lovely dinner served in the beautiful dining room as cocktails, beer and wine are offered and the sound of live Hawaiian and contemporary music will fill the space between you and your guests as you enjoy the colorful views of Waikiki at sunset through the large picture windows of the lovely Navatek.

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