Sunset Sails and Cruises on Maui with Scotch Mist

There are many fantastic competitive racing sail boats in the Maui waters that now offer charters. One of the real classics is the Scotch Mist. In the 1984 Victoria to Maui Trans Pacific yacht race, the Scotch Mist came in first place. She has since changed her focus and is now concentrating her efforts on sharing the experience of sailing with visitors to Hawaii. The boat is a beauty, and she will prove to be an excellent choice for a trade wind sail; a sunset sail; or any snorkel sail in these waters. The fact is that even when the wind is not blowing exceptionally strong the boat is a delight to experience to see how she makes use of available winds. The sunset sails make use of a very slight and gentle wind, which is caused by the temperature differential caused by the cooling down from day to night. Watching her perform in these conditions is every bit as fun as watching her go full out in the stiff afternoon trades.

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The Scotch Mist is a 50' Santa Cruz Sailing Yacht which carries 18 passengers and offers sailing and snorkel charters off the coast of Maui. Having been the winner of the coveted Victoria to Maui Yacht Race in 1984, this vessel is a perfect choice to enjoy the waters off the coast of Maui and Lanai.

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