Sunset Sails and Cruises on Maui with Boss Frog's

The Quicksilver is a special Boss Frog's boat, and is easily the very nicest of the fleet. The boat was designed well from bow to stern. It is fast and comfortable, and has two decks from which you can view the sunset. Obviously the top deck will provide the best views, and the Sunset views are hard to really appreciate without experiencing them first-hand. The crew of the Quicksilver are known to be among the most helpful and pleasant of the boats available out of Maalaea. Every moment for you should be a delight. During the months of December through May, you will have an added bonus as the whales will be there to keep you company. You never know just how close the whales will come!

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The charter boat company Boss Frog's is also known by the name Frogman Charters and it operates Molokini tours, whale watches, sunset sails and dinner cruises from it departure point of Maalaea Harbor.

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