Sunset Sails and Cruises on Kauai with Kauai Sea Tours - Lucky Lady

The Kauai Sea Cruises offers two separate types of sunset sails over the course of a year on their amazingly beautiful 60' sailing catamaran "Lucky Lady". The first of them typically happen during the summer months but can happen at other times of the year as well and includes not only a dinner in conjunction with its sunset sail but a snorkel as well. Typically these tours will give you a chance to visit the Na Pali Coastline and also build up an appetite with a healthy snorkel prior to cocktails and a great meal. These tours will last about five hours. The second type of sunset sail also includes a dinner as well but is shorter, only lasting four-hours, and does not include snorkeling. These tours will also travel the distance to the Na Pali Coast except when big waves and weather do not permit and then they will often head in a southerly direction.

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Kauai Sea Tours is a large charter boat company that offers tours off the coast of Kauai and particularly the NaPali Coast with its beautiful 'signature' boat , Lucky Lady.

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