Submarines and Glassbottom Boats on Hawaii with Blue Sea Cruises (Day)

Blue Sea Cruises is a very popular boat on the Big Island of Hawaii especially when it comes to its glass bottom view ports. Blue Sea Cruises does a morning cruise on their 70' double deck power catamaran looking for dolphins. The glass bottom view ports are perfect (usually for the very young or the very old) for anyone who is unable or unwilling to get into the ocean. The coral and the reefs along the coast of the Big Island are some of the best in Hawaii. Sometimes you can see dolphins, Manta rays, turtles, or any number of tropical Hawaiian Fish. The trip also features sightseeing along the Kona Coastline offering a different perspective of our gorgeous shores.

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Blue Sea Cruises is specifically designed to view the Kona coastline sea life from above the surface and below. Its glassbottom portals are perfect for viewing the coral reefs and plentiful fish in the area.

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