Submarines and Glass-Bottom Boats on Maui with Reef Dancer

The Reef Dancer departs from Lahaina Harbor, and offers glass-bottom boat rides of the reef along the Lahaina coastline. The boat itself looks like a submarine when you see it sitting on the ocean surface, but it is incapable of actually submerging. The boat is actually a glass-bottom boat that rests on the surface as visitors go down to the bottom of the boat, and view the underwater reef life through large glass ports. Because it does not submerge, the sea life you will be observing is located within in the first ten to fifteen feet just below the surface but this is the area of great activity in the ocean where the light from the sun is the strongest. You'll be able to see much in the way of coral formations and many different fish. You'll be able to identify them through fish charts that are provided. This is a wonderful charter for children of any age.

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The Reef Dancer is Maui's glassbottom boat. Although it looks like, and is shaped like a submarine, this vessel actually just sits on the ocean's surface.

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