Snorkeling Tours on Maui with Paragon Sailing Charters

A good case could be made that of all the snorkeling charters that cruise the waters of Maui County, the Paragon vessels offer the fastest sailing boats as a complement to their snorkeling adventures. Paragon Charters has two great adventures. One is to the island of Lanai and the other is to the underwater marine reserve of Molokini. Both trips are quite different in terms of what you may see but both are similar in the sense that they bring great sailing adventures to the table as well. These boats literally fly when they hit wind on the open ocean. Both tours depart in the early morning hours to make use of the calmer waters which are prevalent prior to the trade winds coming up in the late mornings. On the way back from the adventures on either island is when the Paragon usually puts their sails up to enjoy the increased wind and head back to harbor.

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Certainly one of the very fastest boats found in the islands is the 47' customized sailing catamaran, Paragon. Paragon Sailing Charters offers a number of choices for boat tours ranging from morning sails to Molokini; Day Trips to Lanai; Sunset Sails; and Performance Sails.

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