Snorkeling Tours on Maui with Maui Classic Charters

One of the great boats we have for snorkeling on the island of Maui is the Four Winds. The Four Winds has made a career out of taking fabulous snorkeling tours out to Molokini Crater. This is a 55' catamaran sailboat that has plenty of room on both its decks. Form the top deck you can easily take the sun or you can be protected from the sun on the bottom deck. The boat also has a glass bottom on board automatically making it a big hit with the children. A "child friendly" cruise, the Four Winds even has special "see through" boogies boards which the young ones can float on as they look down to the bottom through the glass viewer on the board itself. The BBQ lunches that are made on board are well known for being among the best served on any cruise and drinks will be served once you are out of the water and finished with snorkeling.

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