Snorkeling Tours on Maui with Capt. Steve's Rafting

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Captain Steve has been operational as a snorkel, whale watch and dolphin viewing boat on Maui for many years. His boats are either a 30' or a 38' RAIV which is a form of Rigid Hulled Inflatable Vessel that travels at great speeds, is very maneuverable and carries, depending on the vessel, between twenty and thirty passengers. Lanai is usually the target destination. It lies about eight miles away from the departure point at Mala Wharf near Lahaina and offers both half day and full day trips to Lanai. If you really have an interest in snorkeling at its finest you might want to take the longer day because it gets to the backside of Lanai where there are tremendous reefs, dolphins, caves, cliffs, shipwrecks and less people and boats in the general area. You can often travel for miles without seeing another person or boat.

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