Snorkeling Tours on Kauai with Snuba Tours of Kauai

Snuba Tours of Kauai does not really offer a traditional snorkeling session. Actually, they offer a combination between a snorkel and a dive. This may sound confusing so perhaps some explanation is in order. Snuba diving is similar to a dive in that you will use a scuba tank from which to breathe air. However, instead of having the scuba tank on your back it will be on a float in the water. Attached to the float will be a long air tube from which you will breathe underwater. The hose is about 15 feet in length, and as you swim underwater you will be able to breathe and the tank will follow you along. This is all a very easy procedure, and you will enter the water from the beach. This successful Kauai company has been operation using this method of SNUBA since 1991.

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