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Snorkeling Tours on Kauai with Na Pali Explorer

Adventure and excitement are at your beck and call when you choose one of the rigid hulled inflatable boat snorkel tours offered by Kauai Na Pali Explorer. There are two boats available for your snorkeling pleasure. The smaller of the two is 26' in length and can accommodate eighteen passengers. This boat is often available for beach landings at a remote location. The second is named the Hurricane. It is 48' long and carries as many as thirty-six passengers, comes complete with a bathroom on board, and as the name implies is an out-right "rocket" on the water. These boats offer lots of snorkel time at the Na Pali coast because for one they depart from Kikiaola Harbor which is north of Port Allen and is thus closer to the cliffs of Na Pali to begin with, and second because they are so fast that they simply get to the snorkel locations faster.

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Boasting two very fast and maneuverable rigid hull inflatables, Napali Explorer provides adventurous boats that are ideal for the conditions that can be found along the Napali Coast.

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