Snorkeling Tours on Kauai with Catamaran Kahanu

Snorkeling on the 36' power catamaran offered by Catamaran Kahanu is an experience that is worth the price of admission. This is an actual boat, not a raft, yet the capacity count of this boat is low as well. The maximum number of people that can be taken on board is eighteen providing a high degree of personalization. Snorkeling with the folks from the Catamaran Kahanu can also be considered an interesting experience not only because of the smaller numbers but because the captain and crew of the boat have lived on the island forever and in fact have lineage in their family that dates back to the Hawaiians of old. The fact that they know the host culture so well in addition to the fact that they know the oceans so well and the fact that the ratio of clients to captain and crew is so low all provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the fish, the dolphins, the whales and the ocean environment.

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Catamaran Kahanu is a boat tour company that offers tours of the spectacular NaPali Coastline on Kauai's North Shore and also offers dinner cruises and whale watches.

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