Snorkeling Tours on Kauai with Capt. Andy's Raft

Nineteen-seventy four marked the year that Captain Andy offered his very first rafting adventures along the Na Pali Coast. Over the years he has seen raft snorkel trips come and go but he has held steadfast with his excellent company culture of providing clients with exemplary service. Snorkeling from a raft in some ways is more convenient from a raft because you can get closer into shore to snorkel and hopefully see more. The other advantage is that if you happen to see something interesting you can stop and jump over the side to snorkel at a moment's notice. The summer months are the best time to enjoy these rafting snorkels as the seas are calmer and you can also navigate into and though the plentiful caves and cliff arches found along the coastline. Speed and maneuverability are also factors that make Captain Andy's Rafting a great choice for snorkeling along Kauai's coasts.

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Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures for years has offered tours to see the spectacular NaPali Coastline of Kauai. Sailing large and luxurious Gold Coast Yacht Sailing Catamarans, Captain Andy's will take you snorkeling and dolphin watching as well as provide romantic dinner and sunset cruises.

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