Snorkeling Tours on Kauai with Capt. Andy's Catamaran

You'd have to go way back to find a company on Kauai that has provided more snorkeling experiences for Kauai's visitors than Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures. Captain Andy's has been around since the early eighties when he had the first of his beautiful half-million dollar vessels built in the Virgin Islands and delivered to Hawaii via a half-way around the world sail. His boats are totally suited to the waters surrounding Kauai and are stable as well as being fast. All snorkeling gear and instruction is included with his charters and he has kept the quality of his snorkel trips at an all time high as evidenced by the frequent and heartfelt testimonials that have been offered by his clients over the course of years. His boats are all designed for comfort as well as speed and have easy access to the water for your snorkel adventure.

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Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures for years has offered tours to see the spectacular NaPali Coastline of Kauai. Sailing large and luxurious Gold Coast Yacht Sailing Catamarans, Captain Andy's will take you snorkeling and dolphin watching as well as provide romantic dinner and sunset cruises.

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