Sightseeing Land Tours on Oahu with Robert's Hawaii

Robert's Hawaii is the largest sightseeing land tour company on Oahu as well as the whole state of Hawaii. Robert's Hawaii offers tours on all the islands, and even at times arrange for day-trip tours between islands. Robert's Hawaii is a dependable staple in the land tour industry for decades now. Some of the most popular tours offered by Robert's Hawaii on Oahu are the Grand Circle Island Tour, which essentially covers the whole island (or at least one-hundred and twenty-minutes of it) in a day beginning from your hotel at about seven in the morning and returns at approximately four in the afternoon. Perhaps their most popular tour is one they call "the Stars and Stripes Tour." This tour will take you to Pearl Harbor, and you start by seeing special footage of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Next, you will board a Coast Guard vessel that takes you to the site of the sunken navy ship, The USS Arizona. The Arizona Memorial has been constructed over the sunken ship as a memorial to those brave souls who were entombed as it sank in a matter of minutes. Then you will visit the most famous battleship ever made, the USS Missouri. On your drive back to your hotel, you will pass the Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl Crater and the US Army museum of Hawaii.

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Robert's Hawaii is the largest sightseeing company in Hawaii offering tour options on all the islands. In addition to running a variety of land tours on each island, they also offer "room and car" packages for inter-island travel.

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