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Oahu has hundreds of wonderful hiking trails and the company that probably takes you on more of them than any other is Oahu Nature Tours. Most of these tours involve some degree of hiking but other simply take you to areas to get out and visit. Oahu Nature Tours was founded by and is still operated by a gentleman named Michael Walther who was a student of Anthropology and Environmental Sciences and found himself at an early age writing a number of scientific papers on Hawaii's plant and animal life which culminated in the writing of a very important book for Hawaii called "Images of Natural Hawaii" which is a pictorial guide to Hawaii's native forest birds and plants. In addition to these endeavors Michael has also worked with many so-called "green" organizations on numerous environmental projects such as with the Hawaii Audubon Society, the Conservation Council of Hawaii, the Nature Conservancy and the Hawaii Visitors Bureau. Michael recognized early on that it was important for people to not just read about nature in Hawaii but to experience it first hand through hikes and so he created Oahu Nature Tours as a company that would take people on any one of a number of half day hikes and tours that would be affordable for everyone. His tours can be taken separately but can also be purchased at a discount with multiple tour options available. Among his more popular tours are the Diamond Head Crater Tour which just takes two and a half hours, the Tale of Two Palaces tour which travels to Queen Emma's summer palace and to the sacred Royal Mausoleum among other places, the Hidden Waterfall Hike which takes you deep into a rainforest, the Natural Highlights of Oahu tour which takes you to a lagoon wildlife sanctuary and to an ancient Hawaiian Temple, the Mountain Rainforest tour which takes you high above the area of Pearl Harbor where you'll follow a delightful forest walk among the Koa Trees and Ohia, the Valley of the Rainbows Hike which explores the beautiful Manoa Valley, the Pearl Harbor and Plantation Village tour which will show you both the sights and history to be seen at Pearl Harbor but also takes you to a plantation village so you can see the lives that were lived by those foreigners that came to Hawaii to work its sugar cane and pineapple fields and the Explore the North Shore Tour which will take you to the Byodo Temple high in the Koolau Mountains. These tours are all arranged in such a way for you to be able to experience and understand the underlying environmental concerns that face Hawaii today and in the larger picture the environmental concersn that face the world. These tours are more than simply a great way to spend your day in Oahu's great outdoors but are also an educational experience you will remember for years to come. It was largely as a result of these efforts that Michael came to realize that it was important for Hawaii's visitors and inhabitants to be able to, more than just read about these endeavors but also participate in them as well. He then opened Oahu Nature Tours which offers a series of half day tours to different areas of the island at affordable prices.

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Oahu's many outdoor regions can be visited on a variety of hikes with Oahu Nature Tours. Tours are generally designed be taken in a single morning outing and so you could choose tours for multiple days and in fact you will get a price break for doing so.

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