Sightseeing Land Tours on Maui with Valley Isle Excursions

A company that has specialized themselves in offering quality tours to Hana is Valley Isle Excursions. The only tours they offer on the island are to Hana, and they really try to make the experience one of the best available on the island. They make use of special sightseeing vans that are extremely comfortable and great for viewing. These 23' tour vans carry only a maximum of twelve persons and are designed to be tall enough for you to be able to stand up inside one. The seating is on large and comfortable "captain's chairs" and the windows are large enough that you can see out easily to view all the wonders that Hana has to offer. They visit Hana but also, weather permitting, travel around the entire backside of the island to visit some of the more rural coastline areas which are some of the real treasures of Maui.

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