Sightseeing Land Tours on Kauai with Polynesian Adventure Tours

One of the oldest and well known names in sightseeing on the island of Kauai is Polynesian Adventure Tours. They are a statewide operation and offer tours on every island as well as tours between islands. Their trademark vans are special "see-out" twenty-five seat passenger vehicles that have the largest windows in the industry. Their vehicles are tall enough to allow everyone to enter and walk to their seat in a standing position. The two areas of specialization Polynesian Adventure Tours concentrates on in Kauai are the Waimea Canyon and the Wailua River. The Waimea Canyon is on the far western slopes of the island, and is often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." The views and vistas to be seen here are unparalleled in their beauty. The Wailua River located near the town of Kapaa is the only navigable river in the state. A river boat ride awaits you, which will take you into the island's interior to what is referred to on Kauai as the "Fern Grotto." This beautiful setting has great meaning to Hawaiians for hundreds of years now.

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One of the very largest sightseeing tour companies in all of Hawaii is Polynesian Adventure Tours. They operate a large variety of tours on all the islands as well as offer 'same day' interisland tours from your island of origin to the other islands allowing you to see an outer island without having to relocate and move to another hotel there.

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