Sightseeing Land Tours on Kauai with Aloha Kauai Backroad Tours

Aloha Kauai Tours provides some of the most interesting tours to be seen on the island. These tours will take you behind the locked gates of many of Kauai's most cherished private properties and show you the Kauai the few people, and even few locals, have ever seen. One of the spectacular tours they offer is a fantastic tour that takes you in their four-wheel drive twelve passenger van up into the foothills of the base of Mt. Wai'ale'ale which is the "wettest spot on the planet". Here you will traverse up the mountain inclines as far as these vans can go and then you will hike perhaps a mile or so up into the forests. The stream you find at the top of the mountain will be your ending point for the tour but you will be able to look up the slopes to one of nature's true wonders.

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