Sightseeing (Land) Tours on Kauai with Smith's Tropical Paradise

As far as sightseeing goes the Smith's Tropical Paradise is one of the island highlights. This is a place that has enchanted visitors for generations as they've come to enjoy its rich heritage. The Fern Grotto itself is located a couple of miles up the Wailua River, which has its headwaters near the town of Kapaa. A special river boat is there to transport you on what is Hawaii's only navigable river through the beautiful jungles to a place at river's end that resembles a giant natural amphitheater. Here you will see natures display of ferns, elephant ear plants, philodendrons, and much more in a display that could only happen in the deepest of jungle forests. The acoustics are so spectacular in this place that when Hawaiian musicians play the Hawaiian Wedding Song it will bring tears to your eyes from a sense of haunting beauty.

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No luau on Kauai has ever been able to compare in any way with the Smith's Luau on the banks of the Wailua River. Dating back decades to its opening, its location, ambiance and Hawaiian hospitality bring you back to the days of old Hawaii.

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