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Should we book our activities for Christmas before we arrive?

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Should we book our activities for Christmas before we arrive? The following question was answered by Tom.


We are coming to Hawaii for the holidays this year! Should we book our activities for Christmas and New Years before we arrive?


Christmas is right around the corner and we're looking forward to an amazing holiday season here in Hawaii. As you are probably aware, Christmas week is generally considered to be the busiest week of the entire year and as a result the majority of the tours and activities on all the islands will be sold out.

Now is the time you want to make your activity arrangements while we still have some seats left. If you wait until you get here to make tour arrangements it may be very, very difficult.

Even at this point it won't be a cakewalk getting you on many of the activities but if you contact us now our staff can scan the various vendors to see where the openings are so we can slide you in and make the most of your holiday visit.

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