Should I rent a surfboard and learn to surf on Kauai, or should I go out with a surf school to learn

If you are visiting Kauai from the mainland and you don't know how to surf but would like to definitely want to go out with a qualified surf school to learn how to surf!

Learning to surf is difficult enough on its own without adding to the challenge by putting yourself in dangerous situations in an ocean you are not familiar with. As you may or may not be aware of, Kauai has a reputation of having some of the most dangerous surf conditions of any Hawaiian island. This does not mean that it cannot provide the beginner surfer with a perfect place to learn but it does mean that any of the surf breaks can become dangerous and you always want to be within arm's length of a qualified surf instructor when you are learning to surf on Kauai.
Generally speaking the better surf to learn on in Kauai is on the South Shore in the Poipu region. Small and consistent waves are more likely than not but are not guaranteed. South swells which are more likely in the summer months can make one of the more timid surf spots roar like a freight train. There are some appropriate areas on the North Shore for beginners as well but just not as many and there are some great surf schools that offer lessons in this area.

The main thing to remember is, just don't go out with a board without an instructor on Kauai if you don't have a lot of experience. Literally hundreds of people have drowned in the ocean off Kauai in the past few decades and to insure that your beginning surf experience will be safe and fun, please sign up with one of our great surf schools.

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