SeaFun Snorkeling Tours on Kauai by Aloha Kauai Tours

Aloha Kauai Sea Tours offers an opportunity to snorkel in a different way. These folks will pick you up in their van and take you off to an isolated bit of coastline where you will snorkel by entering from the beach. Different seasons will have you going to different beaches and even different days will require trips to different snorkel locations based on weather and sea conditions. You are always going to a snorkel location that will be best for you on the day you're signed up to snorkel. There are some big advantages to going snorkeling in this way. Many beginner snorkelers feel safer entering the water to snorkel from the beach. There is often less of a current on the beach side of the reef, and there is often more to see on the more protected beach side of the reef. Probably the most important difference is the fact that this snorkel trip will be all about the "snorkel." These tours have nothing to do with a boat, nothing to do with a lunch or cocktails, and have nothing to do with riding on the water for hours to get to your snorkel location. These tours have proven to be wonderful, and have been operating regularly for over 15 years.

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Spend a guided day at the Beach on Kauai's southern coastline with a snorkeling experience for any level.

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