Scuba Diving on Kauai with SNUBA Tours Kauai

Snuba Tours of Kauai is a company that offers SNUBA instruction to visitors of Kauai. Snuba is somewhat of a bridge between snorkeling and SCUBA diving. It is very interesting in the sense that you do not have to know how to snorkel or even know how to swim to learn it. It is similar to diving in the sense that you breathe from a tank, but it is different in that the tank remains up on the surface of the ocean on a float. A large tube is connected to the tank and stretches down below the surface to the diver who simply breathes through the hose and swims around underwater. There is no worry about having tanks and other paraphernalia strapped to your body and you are free to move and swim about at will. The company's owner and instructor is Kevin Cram and he's been actively engaged in dive instruction since 1988. Snuba Tours of Kauai has been operational since 1991.

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