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Scotch Mist Sunset Sail

We began our trip aboard the Scotch Mist by checking in at the Lahaina Harbor. The boat appeared to be sparkling with cleanliness and the crew was very friendly. From here we set out into the channel to find some wind. As soon as we got out of the harbor the bar was opened at it took us less then five minutes to make it into the trade winds that were wrapping into the channel from the northeast. Soon the sails were up and we were silently making our way down the coastline. There were valleys up the mountain that were filled in with clouds and rainbows could even be made out in the distance. The views were incredible and the beauty of the sunset continued to mature until it reached its colorful climax as it eased down behind the horizon.

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Enjoy two hours of sailing on the Champagne and Chocolate Sunset Sail off the majestic West Maui Coast. Great for starting a night in Lahaina with. Watch a beautiful sunset at sea while you enjoy a drink, eat chocolates and sit back and have fun.

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