Sailing Charters on Oahu with Makani Catamaran

Built in the Virgin Islands in 2005, the 64' x 32' sailing catamaran "Makani" is a luxurious addition to the fleet of Oahu sailing boats. The sails when full will catch wind in its 1764 sq. ft of sails and will achieve speeds on the open ocean of over thirty knots. Sailing this fast is not an experience that most people have had but probably should. This is more fun than a roller coaster and the 80 persons that can fill this boat will often be howling and hooting when speeds of this velocity are reached. The Makani has lots of amenities that really make it desirable such as a 32" flat screen TV, a Bose surround sound system, a semi enclosed main cabin, two freshwater bathrooms, two forward sunbathing nets, duel bar stations, duel swim ladders and comfortable seating throughout.

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One of the most beautiful sailboats sailing the waters off the coast of Waikiki is the Makani Catamaran. This 64' x 32' Cat is one of the very fastest on Oahu often achieving speeds of over thirty knots.

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