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Sailing Charters on Maui with Trilogy Excursions

The Trilogy Sailing Charters were founded and are operated by the "sailing Coon" family. They came here years ago, after visiting the South Pacific on a boat they designed and built, and simply stayed and opened their business when they arrived on Maui. Their extensive sailing background not only helped them to be able to design future sailing vessels that were perfect for these waters, but were also the best in terms of comfort and performance for the clientele they intended to bring on board. They try as often as possible to add sailing to which ever adventure you decide to go out on with them, and their knowledgeable and helpful crew will make the experience even that more memorable.

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One of the most popular and respected boating companies on Maui is the Trilogy which has been in operation here since 1973. Though being a large company now, operating six or so 50' range sailing catamarans, they are still the family owned operation that was begun by Eldon Coon and his two sons, Jim and Randy.

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