Sailing Charters on Maui with Scotch Mist

If you want to go out sailing, why not go out with a boat that has proven itself in the sailing world as an award winning sail boat? Back in 1984, the Scotch Mist won the distinction of being the fastest boat to sail the Victoria to Maui via the Trans Pacific Yacht Race. Since then, she retired to Lahaina harbor to share the sailing experience with many of Maui's eager sailing enthusiasts. She offers snorkel sails to the island of Lanai as well as other destinations along the coastline. Afternoon trade wind sales and sunset sails are also offered. All of the packages offered will give you the experience of being on a sail boat that is well known in the sailing community for being one of the best there is.

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The Scotch Mist is a 50' Santa Cruz Sailing Yacht which carries 18 passengers and offers sailing and snorkel charters off the coast of Maui. Having been the winner of the coveted Victoria to Maui Yacht Race in 1984, this vessel is a perfect choice to enjoy the waters off the coast of Maui and Lanai.

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