Rental Cars on Maui with Hawaii Car Rental

You finally got your tickets to paradise, now it's time to shop for a rental car. Why not let an experienced, trained professional do all the research and save you time and money?This unique Hawaii based travel agency specializes in only one thing, finding the lowest car rental rates in the islands. Connected with 7 major national rental agencies, they keep their finger on the pulse of a constantly changing Hawaii rental market. Take advantage of low contracted rental rates using the feature or have a trained travel agent perform a personalized search to your specific itinerary. Yes, real people at work here, just like the ole' days! Started in 1986, the owner is a long time Hawaii resident committed to providing a better experience then what you are used to from a car rental agency. "Save time and money" was their motto then and it still applies today. Check them out.

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One of the very best ways to arrange for a rent-a-car on Maui is to go through Hawaii Rental Cars. They are different because they are a "broker" of sorts.

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