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Reef Dancer Glassbottom Boat

We went on the Reef Dancer, which is a large glass bottom boat that takes passengers out of Lahaina Harbor to do reef viewing while staying dry on the boat. During the tour there was a team of SCUBA divers in the water that brought a variety of different marine life up to the windows for us to see. I was amazed at the amount of fish that we were able to see while we were cruising around the reef. We even managed to spot a turtle that was swimming by. For families, or for those who cannot swim this is a great way to be able to see the undersea world.

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$42.65 - $44.95

Reef tour in West Maui offers all window seats, air conditioning, and a reef expert on board to narrate the tour. They also offer professional divers that do a marine life search to bring critters right to the windows.

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