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Because of your affiliation with Maui Calls, you are part of our special Barefoot Hawaii Discount Club. The specially discounted prices shown here are not publicly available. It is only due to your association with Maui Calls that you have been granted this special access.

Pricing Policy

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

Tom Barefoot's Tours is determined to find you the best pricing on activities and tours.
Here's the way our pricing works:

  • Some tour companies in Hawaii never allow their prices to be discounted. Obviously, in those instances we charge the regular price.
  • Some tour companies in Hawaii will allow their tours to be discounted but only to a specific price point. In those instances we discount to that level.
  • The majority of tour companies in Hawaii do not have either of the policies above and in those instances we provide a discount as deep as possible.

If you find pricing that is better than you find on this site, let us know. If it is offered by a reputable source that is not a timeshare company, some sort of discount club or similar, we will beat that price. Low Price Guarantee

Our mission is to provide you with the best activity and tour pricing available to you in Hawaii.

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