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The Polynesian Cultural Center has been considered for years to be the most visited of all of Hawaii's top paid attractions. Over 33 million people have visited this beautiful North Shore location to experience the seven native villages that give visitors a rare opportunity to participate in various levels of the daily activities of these South Pacific cultures. The cornerstone of this Polynesian Cultural Center experience is education, but the education is presented with a flair of fun and excitement. The day's seemingly "never-ending adventures" will keep you well occupied all day long. In the evening, you will be treated to one of Hawaii's most famous luaus and the world's largest Polynesian night show. "Ha: Breath of Life" is the Story of the Polynesian Soul, a production which started on Aug 14, 2009. The folks at the Polynesian Cultural Center have done a great job in bringing the various cultures of the Pacific Rim to their location in Northern Oahu for you to enjoy the similarities and differences of these far flung cultures. You will be enchanted by the cultures and stories and costumes, and by the people themselves. A few of the various cultures you will find there will be the Aoteara from New Zealand. New Zealand has the largest land mass of all the islands of Polynesia and in fact, it is the only set of islands that also has four distinct seasons. On the grounds of the Polynesian Cultural Center, you will find a spectacular hand carved forty-man war canoe and a traditional watch tower. Fiji is also highlighted. Fiji is a series of island located twenty-five hundred miles west southwest of the Hawaii island chain. This very tropical country has a population that is currently about one-half of East Indian descent. The indigenous Fijians are known today as some of the most fun-loving and giving of all the south-pacific cultures, but in times past they were among the most fierce and feared cultures having developed tremendous skills in battles. Fijians were even known for their cannibalism. The islands of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, and Hawaii are also discussed at great length at the small villages that are created for each culture. You will be amazed at the knowledge you will bring home from your visit to each. The Polynesian Cultural Center is truly one of the most prized educational facilities Oahu has to offer, and is a place you should spend a full day.

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Considered to be the largest paid attraction in the state of Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore of Oahu is a Hawaii 'icon' and is a 'must visit' when you come to Oahu.

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