Parasailing with X-Treme Parasail and Jet-Ski

Most parasail companies don't include a jet ski option in some of the packages they sell but this is not true of X-Treme Parasail. This company provides both of the so-called "thrill" adventures offered off the coast of Waikiki. The parasail rides are premium giving you an option of choosing a line of different lengths varying between 700', 850' and 1000'. The parasail boats they use are "winch" type allowing for dry take-offs and landings. Also you can choose to go up by yourself on a ride or go with someone else in your party in what is referred to as a "tandem" ride.

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X-Treme Jet Ski and Parasail obviously offers both jet skiing and parasailing tours off the coastline of Waikiki and Honolulu. These are two of the most fun, and most active activities available to you on your holiday here.

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