Parasailing on Maui with West Maui Parasail

West Maui Parasail has been around taking people parasailing since the early 1980's. They leave from the Lahaina Harbor, but also have some departures from Kaanapali Beach. Both trips are fun, but you might want to take into consideration how adventurous and how fit you are before deciding on the departure point you want. The departure from Lahaina is a bit more civilized in the sense that you step right onto a boat from the pier, and then are transported to the parasail boat on a "boat to boat" transfer out at sea. That is much easier than at Kaanapali where you will be leaving directly from off the beach on a zodiac type boat and will have to navigate the waves on the way out. You will then transfer onto the parasail boat out at sea. You will need to be a little bit more nimble to handle the departure point in Kaanapali whereas it is a bit more straight forward on the Lahaina pick-up.

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