Maui Zipline Tour at Paradise Eco Adventures

Paradise Eco Adventures

Paradise Eco Adventures is undoubtedly the smallest zipline course on the island of Maui. Actually, I don't know that you can consider it a course if it has only one zipline. They do make up for not having more than one line by allowing you to make the zip crossing up to 4 times.

There are some great advantages that come along with the Paradise Eco Zipline. For one, it has been 'purpose built' for family fun, first time zipliners and extended families who would enjoy watching their children and grandchildren zipping down the lines without having to do it themselves. In fact they can locate themselves in the center of the line and film their family members as they come rushing by. In this way the whole family is involved.

The total experience at this zipline though is not just the zip-line but is also the experience of zipping over and walking through an organic fruit farm featuring pineapple, banana, sugarcane, papaya and the exotic 'Dragon Fruit'. You will learn a lot about the farm and the growing of these plants from the instructors who know every inch of the process.

There is more unique fun to be had however for adults and children 5 and over as you role down the mountain in a unique 'aqua-ball'. Never heard of one of these, neither had we. It is totally fun though as you climb into this ball which is partially filled with water and you are then rolled down a track as you either run like a hamster to stay upright or get tumbled about like in a washing machine. Great fun for the whole family.

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