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Pacific Jet Sport

Today my afternoon plans fell through so I thought it might be a good idea to go for a jet ski ride. I called up Pacific Jet Sport in Kaanapali and they happened to have availability because of a cancelation so I decided to go for it. I checked in at the beach and was immediately shuttled out on a zodiac boat to their floating off shore jet ski dock. Once I arrived I was greeted and then given a short crash course on the operation of the jet ski. Then I was off. I rode around for half an hour doing high-speed laps, and even pausing at times for some doughnuts and figure eights. At points I'm sure I was completely airborne and I don't think I stopped smiling once through the entire ride. It turned out to be quite a fun way to spend my afternoon!

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$73.90 - $116.25

Enjoy the excitement of jet skiing in the beautiful waters off Kaanapali Beach Maui during the summer months only. Rentals are available by half hour or by the full hour.

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