Options for first time SCUBA divers?

I'm not certified for SCUBA diving, I have been snorkeling a few times and always thought that it would be cool to try. I'm going to be on Maui for a 5 days in March, I'll be staying in Kaanapali. What kinds of options do I have?


That's great that you're thinking about going SCUBA diving. I love diving am constantly recommending it to all of my friends that like to snorkel. SCUBA diving gets you right down into the action where you can see all kinds of things that you would not normally see. Not only can SCUBA diving take you deeper then snorkeling, but it can also keep you down longer. Being able to watch an area for a matter of minutes (instead of seconds) allows you to see all sorts of behaviors of the sea life that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see. To get into diving you can either start out by doing an introductory dive, or by jumping straight to a certification class. Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Introductory SCUBA Dives

The advantage of doing an introductory SCUBA dive is that you can get in the water and start diving almost right away. Your day will start with a dive briefing, where your instructor will go over what the dive plan is and the different things you should expect along the way. For safety reasons the dive(s) that you do will be shallower and the instructors generally take students to calmer sandier areas where the divers are less likely to damage coral that is growing on the bottom. If you are pressured on time, or not sure if you will like diving enough to invest the time and money into a certification course then this is definitely the way to go. (more)

SCUBA Certification Courses

Taking a SCUBA certification course is the first step you must take before you can do more advanced dives, or go diving on your own. A SCUBA certification lasts for life, never needs to be renewed and can be earned in 3 days. Generally the course is broken down into two parts: the classroom work, and then training dives. It is possible to get the classroom work sent to you before you come on vacation so you can complete it and then do only the dives once you get here. It is possible to get certified for diving at many locations around the world, but Maui is one of the best because of the clear, warm waters that are found here year round. I did some advanced diving classes when I went to school in Oregon in a reservoir that was murky and cold. I remember when I was there thinking to myself how glad I was that I got to do all my diving in Hawaii growing up. I was reminded of it each and every time I got into the bone chilling water. To be able to get certified in Hawaii is a great way to get introduced into the sport. (more)

What you want to do is up to you, if you have any further questions about either of the diving options just shoot me a message and I'll get back with you as soon as possible. I am looking forward to assisting you and whichever option you choose, I hope you have a great time diving when your here in Hawaii on vacation.

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