On Kauai where do people snorkel in the winter time?

When the Na Pali Coast and the north side of the island close down for the winter because of the big waves, where do visitors go to snorkel?


The snorkel tours that visit the North Shore of Kauai in the Summer months abruptly stop when the waves become large and dangerous along that coastline. The people that would normally go to see Na Pali are then essentially divided up into two groups. The first group takes whale watch tours instead because the whales come to the island in the winter and are a big appeal. The second group takes boat tours out to the south side of the island where the conditions in the winter are excellent for snorkeling. In many ways the south side is even better for snorkeling than the north side but what it does not have is the spectacular Na Pali Coast to view.

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Hawaii snorkeling is by far the single most popular category of activities to be found in Hawaii. One reason for this is that snorkeling in Hawaii is often a component of many different types of tours found on any individual island such as many of the dolphin watches, whale watches, diving tours, raft excursions and even in some cases dinner cruises.

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