Napali Coast Tours on Kauai with Na Pali Explorer

The charter company, Napali Explorer, is unusual in terms of its Na Pali Coast tours as compared to other companies. First of all it uses rigid hulled inflatable boats but not the normal variety, these boats are big with one having a capacity for eighteen people and another with a capacity for thirty-six. These boats have been proven to be ideal for the conditions surrounding the Na Pali area and the boats are among the fastest on the water. Although these boats are capable of moving at high speeds they are also very stable and seaworthy in the water. One of the super big advantages this company has is that in the summer months it actually has an afternoon departure from Hanalei. This enables the boat to traverse the distance to the Na Pali Coastline in half the time of many other boats.

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Boasting two very fast and maneuverable rigid hull inflatables, Napali Explorer provides adventurous boats that are ideal for the conditions that can be found along the Napali Coast.

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