Napali Coast Tours on Kauai with Kauai Sea Tours - Lucky Lady

Kauai Sea Tours provides one of the most unique Na Pali Coast experiences available by any boat in the fleet of boats visiting this famous coastline. Kauai Sea Tours' boat, "Lucky Lady" is a sixty-five foot sailing beauty that cruises you up to Na Pali from Port Allen in the upmost of comfort. Once you reach the coast you will be provided with a special treat not offered by any other tour company. They have one of the only permits available to actually visit the ancient Hawaiian fishing village of Nualolo Kai. Your boat will anchor off the coast and a special zodiac raft will carry you onto the shore to visit this glorious and remote white sand beach that was the home of this bygone culture. You will have an opportunity to stand in the place that was once the home to so many and to get a sense of their world and the way it once must have been.

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Kauai Sea Tours is a large charter boat company that offers tours off the coast of Kauai and particularly the NaPali Coast with its beautiful 'signature' boat , Lucky Lady.

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